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Stuyvesant is a peculiar flavor of Upstate New York. Four counties removed from Manhattan, the area has  more in common with the flatter regions of the Adirondacks than the Catskills. You could be forgiven for not knowing where it is — it isn’t marked out as a hallmark of cycling culture, nor does it offer up much in the way of institutions. What it does offer is beautiful riding and a location central to Velocio Ambassadors in the East. (Friends flew in from D.C. and parts west to the Albany Airport.) It is also, if the trophy room in the hunting lodge that housed all twenty of us is any indication, a fine place to hunt. We targeted a few days to learn more about each other, our summer collection and the game afoot for Velocio in the months ahead. We captured many pieces of broken glass ( mostly in our tires during the first two hours of riding). From there, we settled in and discovered rolling pavement free from traffic, long rides with just enough challenge to last an entire solstice pedal and a summer camp conviviality. You get to know someone on a long ride. It’s the ropes course of bike experiences.

We bring our ambassadors together for a few reasons, one being crass consumerism: We tell them the story so they can sell more clothing so we can do more cool things as a brand. We toured folks through our mobile pop up shop, Rosie, the Airstream. 

But there’s more to it than selling spandex; our brand is built from the ground up by cyclists. Ambassador input on product, on messaging, on events we need to visit and collaborations we need to explore, make Velocio strong. The summer collection that we wore all weekend long was built from a similar process and years of industry evolution:   Lighter fabrics and brighter designs came out of hundreds of conversations and suggestions.

Finally, we celebrated a great experience all around with food from Velocio Ambassador and celebrated chef Matt Accarino. Still recovering from a broken collarbone sustained at this year’s DK, Matt brought power to the kitchen in the form of countless great meals and support from Patagonia Provisions, Sartori Cheese, Point Reyes Cheese La Quercia, Opinel Knives and Bee’s Wrap Food Wraps. UnTapped Maple kept the rides topped off. 

A huge thank you for our ambassadors for making the time and to Velocio staff for spinning pedals on the weekend in the hopes of finding a better way to run a cycling apparel brand.


Made from soft, lightweight microfiber fabric, the Glass Tile SE Jersey offers UPF50 protection and an incredible riding feel. With big summer hues in its asymmetrical design, this jersey bears a bold summer print ideal for the brightest days.


Inspired by rolling fields of wild flowers, the Aerial Dot combines summer weight jersey fabrics with the colors of mid-summer landscape. With UPF30+ protection and made from 85% recycled polyester + lycra for, the Aerial Dot promises a subdued design, bright color and a streamlined yet supportive fit. 


This super light cooling wonder is now available in updated color ways for the summer season, still made from the unrivaled Polartec Delta fabric, and sporting a collar-free design. Leave behind anything that doesn’t make hot weather riding more pleasant.


Round out your summer kit with our extended range of accessories in colors and styles to match any kit.