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It’s impossible to escape a bit of a sinking feeling that crops up when a pre-COVID calendar reminder harkens to days before all of 2020’s schedule was shuffled. As a brand, we’d planned on a host of events from Vermont’s Rooted Gravel Ride to Chicago’s Intelligensia Cup. From Sea Otter to the Northampton Cyclocross Invitational.
All have been placed on hold though they still pop up in Google Calendar form, in social media memories and in the haze of time before quarantine and vaccine countdowns. Hence, 2020 has been a constant problem to solve and we’re all collectively cornering on a bits of gravel covered pavement, uncertain when the tires will steadfast hook up and we gain a bit of traction.
So it’s been with our friends at the Velocio // Exploro team, a program we took over co-title sponsorship at the start of this year. As the months tick on, we’ve watched Velocio // Exploro navigate a calendar which has proven to be as firm and steady as wood smoke or cloud shadows. Impressively, they’ve ridden through the fire and rain of the year choosing adventure and self-possession.
Choose your own Velocio // Exploro track to follow to learn more.