May 30 - June 1

Join Velocio and Mohn Standard for a ride - and a chance to win a Velocio kit - on May 30 at 10:30 a.m.
Ride departs from Mohn Standard at 716 Commercial St, Emporia. Visit the pop up shop at the Dirty Kanza expo throughout the weekend.

Meet The Ambassadors

Ted King won Dirky Kanza in 2016 and 2018, and has been putting in the hours in preparation to defend his title. The former World Tour rider recently moved to Vermont, where he's been route building for Rooted Vermont.

Laura King finds that sport is about more than racing, it's about getting more girls and women on bikes, the friendship and camaraderie, the satisfaction of a huge effort, and the travel and experiences that come along with it.

Josh Berry on the second step of the Dirty Kanza podium in 2018. He loves adventures that push him to the end of his physical ability, where his mind can take over. He is currently studying visual arts in Tucson.

Anna Grace Christensen is a former pro roadie, current podcast co-host, gravel adventure seeker, beginner piano player, and butter enthusiast. The dust of Kansas is a substantial departure from her home of Portland, Oregon.

James Stout works as a history professor and journalist when he's not sneaking out of work to go for long gravel adventures or bikepacking trips. He lives in San Diego with his wife, two cats, and far too many bikes for a small house

Jacob Rathe was a professional on the road from 2010 - 2018, and has kept this competitive energy going with gravel racing. When not riding, he's a cycling coach, skier, and bike fitter.

Kristi Mohn has been riding gravel for the past 15 years, balancing being a mom of twins and a businesswoman. She joined the Dirty Kanza promotion team officially in 2010, after being a key volunteer for years before.

Brad Huff is a has-been pro roadie with farm kid work ethic. He's now enjoying life in the kit he always wanted, with an increased doughnut budget.

Olivia Dillon is a former road pro, and is now finding enjoyment in the super-long dirt adventures that gravel racing has to offer.

Matt Curbeau is a new dad to Claire (born in January) and a full time CPA with NormaTec. A washed-up pro triathlete, who now rides for the Velocio Northeast cycling outfit, he is looking to build on his 16th at last year's Dirty Kanza.

The Ride

10:30 am - Noon
Departs from Mohn Standard, 716 Commercial St