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UNITY Face Mask

UNITY 2020

Our minimal yet refined take on the face mask. Pairing a bioactive 3-layer fabric for protection, with our LUXE fabric raw cut for ear loops, we've created a light and super comfortable yet effective mask. Washable. For non-medical use.

Velocio face masks are not guaranteed to prevent you from contracting or spreading COVID-19 as they are not medical grade, but they will provide an important barrier when around other people. Though the masks are made from performance focused fabrics and are breathable, exercising in a mask is a highly personal experience and may require time to adjust. We encourage mask wearing through the COVID-19 pandemic and encourage you to be as safe as possible.

This year’s Unity project is aimed to give aid to those who need it in these times. 100% of the profits from the sale of this Face mask support three non profit organizations. Save the Children / No Kid Hungry, Project C.U.R.E. and The Coronavirus Relief Fund, all crucial nonprofits aimed at stemming the impact of COVID-19. To donate directly to these causes and to learn more about the UNITY project click here.

Face Masks are sold as FINAL SALE. They cannot be returned or exchanged.

    • Italian bioactive 3-layer fabric
    • Raw cut LUXE ear loops
    • Flatlock sewing and soft microfiber binding for added comfort
  • Made in: Italy

  • Caring for your cycling gear properly will extend its life and maintain its performance, fit and quality. It’s important to consider these instructions carefully. While we stand behind the quality of our apparel, not adhering to these instructions will void our warranty against manufacturing & defects.

    We strongly recommend washing your new gear before wearing it. You’ll find that your apparel will soften, and fit & comfort will improve after washing - especially with bibs & shorts.

    Machine wash cool, 86°F (30°C) with like colors: Cooler temps maintain better longevity for your apparel. Like colors, especially lights, will remain more vibrant when washed with like colors.

    Use mild detergent. Do not bleach or dry clean: Strong detergents & bleach can break down the fibers and elastane in the garment, dramatically reducing its life.

    Close all fastenings: this goes also for other garments mixed in with your cycling apparel. Velcro closures or clasps can catch on stitching or trim and damage your garments.

    Lay flat to dry. Do not tumble dry: Do not put your cycling apparel in the dryer. Even on low heat. Don’t do it. Heat can damage fabric, elastic and heat transfer logos very easily. Lycra (Elastane) is used throughout our garments to provide compression and support and is susceptible to damage from heat and can irreparably damage your apparel.