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Often more challenging than the weather itself, is finding the right balance of apparel to suit the conditions, terrain and tempo. Dress too warm and you overheat and a chill sets in. Miss that wind/waterproof layer and even the lightest rain has you calling for a ride. 

Our range of Fall/Winter styles designed to address the demands of riding outside in all conditions. Below are some of our recommendations for changing seasons and riding in variable (or questionable) weather.  

The Shoulder Season

Days grow shorter, skies more grey and precipitation becomes a daily occurrence in one form or another. The air is often cool, but the humidity bites. A mix of light thermal insulating layers and protection to ward off the wind are key. 

One of the most challenging seasons, given the variability in weather and temps, these shoulder season picks are geared towards versatility and will prove to be valuable later in the year as well.

Into Winter

Here in New England heading into winter is defined by cold windy days with the occasional snow shower - often before any real accumulation has hit the roads, where wider tires and fenders become permanent fixtures. It's the first sign of what's to come. 

More thermal insulation and added protection from the cold wind is key to balancing warmth with breathability. These pieces serve as the basis for most of the winter riding season and are designed to be as light and flexible as possible while providing excellent protection from the elements.


Some of our most memorable rides are mid-winter miles. Cold crisp air and a steady effort with an eye towards the spring to come.

Our entire winter range was developed from years of riding in the winter months. Contemplating what would make a better tight, a more functional jacket - ultimately the highest performing winter cycling gear we can make. These miles have shaped our collection and we continue to take inspiration from the winter months and the unique experience of riding through winter.


There are some days that look bleak - the sky is dark and brooding, the air is cold, hovering just above freezing and yet there's something about staying inside that makes the impending weather more welcoming. 

We've made gear capable of that too - well tested here in New England on frozen MTB trails and gravel roads, as well as training in Norway where the weather changes as quickly as the sun sets this time of year. 

Balancing warmth, protection from the cold and wet, and breathability to keep your core dry is critical. The correct layers and essentials can mean the difference between comfort and questioning survival.


We stand behind every layer of our gear. Our goal is to design the best possible apparel for any season. Our Signature Guarantee is part of our commitment to that. Try any of our apparel for 30 days (ride in it every day if you'd like). If you're not 100% satisfied, return it for a full refund.

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